Commercial Loans

The finance experts at GC Capital will assist the business owners with the SBA loans. The Small Business Administration was created by the U. S. government to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their business operations. SBA loans are mainly provided to the business firms for the purchase of fixed assets, which can be real estate, building, and machinery at low market rates. The main aim behind this form of loan is the development of the businesses.

In order to qualify for the business lending in the form of SBA , the borrower firm must meet the SBA’s definition of a small business and should plan to use over half of the property for its own operations within one year of ownership. If the building is to be newly constructed the borrower must use more than half at once and plan to occupy the rest.

GC Capital also provides commercial lending to the business owners. We understand the capital needs of the small businesses. Our team listens to the requirements of the business owners and we provide the best possible solution in the form of commercial & SBA business financing. Business needs to grow everyday and also the capital requirements are undefined so a cash reserve is essential. Commercial business funding options are provided to enable a business to purchase commercial property.

Alternative Business Lending Options

Does Your Business 


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1 Year in Business

Minimum Time In

 Business Simply 1 Year 

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Monthly Revenue

Must Have Minimum Of  $10,000

 In Monthly Gross Sales


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Deposit Volume

Business Must Have A Minimum Of

 7 Monthly Deposits

Benefits To Your Business

  • No Personal Guarantee

  • No Application Fee

  • No Collateral to needed

  • No adjustable payment

  • No Closing Cost

  • Low Documentation

  •  1 Day Decisions

  • Affordable

  • Automated Repayment

  • Build Business Credit

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